Munich, 2nd of June 2020

Focus on Open Science and SKS receive mentions in the final OSPP Report

The Open Science Policy Platform of EC (OSPP) reads on page 52: "Since 2016, 26 ‘Focus on Open Science’ workshops have been organised by Scientific Knowledge Services, University College London (UCL), LIBER and local organisers across Europe."

Read the full report here.

Munich, 30th of January 2019 - Update March 4th, 2019

2019 Focus on Open Science series

We are happy to announce that we come close to finalise our 2019 series of Focus on Open Science.

UPDATE (March, 4th 2019) We will take this year a journey to Krosør (Denmark - 28.02), Turin (07.05), Rome (09.05), Lovran (Croatia - 15.05), London (23.05), Madrid (28.05), Gdansk (8.10), Graz (7.11), Budapest (17.09) and Kaunas (Lithuania - 29.10).

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